Best E Cigar Brands

An Electronic Cigar? What!?

best e cigars

If you are familiar with how electronic cigarettes work then the e cigar will make sense to you. The electronic cigar works in the same manner as a e cigarette by use of making a flavored vapor via a battery and atomizer when you inhale – it’s electric.

These e cigars have a unique design that makes them appear and perform like an actual tobacco cigar with the familiar look and flavor profile including a simulated ash tip that glows red or green when you take a puff. These e cigars turn on when you inhale and automatically shut off when you don’t, pretty simple.

Most e cigars a disposable, so when they are done you just throw them away… keep in mind they are battery powered, so please be responsible and discard them as you would any type of battery.

If you are wondering how long a typical disposable e cigar will last then here is your answer: Most of these e cigars have a “puff count” of about 1,500 to 2,000 puffs and can last for 2 years – which ever comes first.

Of course there is the other type of electronic cigar that is rechargeable and refillable, when you purchase one it comes with a recharge kit to charge your battery and you refill the device with the cigar flavored e liquid which comes in a bottle or just pop in a fresh cartridge that has been pre-filled with e liquid already. This is convenient when you want to try different cigar flavored e liquids from milder to sweet to rich and bold flavors.

Vaping E Cigars for Leisure and Recreation?

We all know that cigars have been around for a very long time and a person likes to enjoy one while relaxing and just taking it easy reflecting on the days events. The problem is that a real cigar puts out a potent smelling aroma and lots of smoke that can bother people around them and stink up everything in their smoke path.

The electronic cigars produce no smoke, just vapor in the amount a cigar would produce, so they won’t stink up the furniture or car like a tobacco cigar would. Since the vapor dissipates rather quickly it can be vaped inside a house or car and not pester the people around you who like to complain about your cigar smoking.

Imagine coming home from work and having the feeling of enjoying a cigar while sitting in your favorite easy chair and not having the wife nag you about the smoke, well with an electronic cigar you can.

These e cigars are great for cruising in your car as you can bite down on them and puff hands free if you want as they are not heavy. And if you want to put it down, you do not need an ashtray as the device only turns on when you take a puff.

E cigars allow you to enjoy them anytime you wish and most anywhere you desire – check your local vaping laws regarding indoor smoking as a few states and cities have banned vaping indoors just the same as smoking.

How to Vape an Electronic Cigar

Vaping an electronic cigar is easy, just take a puff as you would any cigar and enjoy the flavor. Combine it with your favorite drink and experience the robust cigar flavor without the smoke.

When you are done using it, just put it away in a safe place away from any kids or pets who may want to gnaw on it for any reason. My recommendation is to store it responsibly.

Put the e cigar in a drawer or in your pocket as they do not leak as long as you keep the tip somewhat upright.

When your friends or family members see you vaping an electronic cigar they WILL want to try it and most of the time will want one for themselves! So if your friends are moochers, buy a 10 pack and give a few away as gifts – they will love it!

Top E Cigar Brands

After trying many e cigars on the market I have drilled them down to these brands based on the best selling, most popular, highly rated, most satisfied customers, etc. Since vaping has become so popular there are so many choices to choose from nowadays. Here are my personal top choices for the best e cigar brands…

Cigavette Cuvana Electronic Cigar

cuvana-electronic cigar by cigavetteThe Cuvana e cigar by Cigavette is one of the most popular brands sold today. Cigavette only has one option of electronic cigar available and that is the Cuvana. The Cuvana is a disposable e cigar with a Havana/Cuban flavor combination that is quite enjoyable with a nice bite on 18mg nicotine.

The Cuvana has a 2,000 puff count and 2 year shelf life – and that is a correct statement because I have the Cuvana it still keeps on puffing vapor even after a year and half of use.

When ordering, you can choose your nicotine level that is comfortable with you, keep in mind the higher the nicotine will have more “bite” in the flavor – just my personal review from using it and trying other nic levels.

Cigavette is a trusted company as I have ordered from them many times as they ship right away and have never had any problems with their service. They are quick to answer any questions you may have about their products as they sell a full line of vaping products like e cigarettes and e hookahs, as well as their signature Cuvana electronic cigar.

Cuvana reviews:

cuvana e-cigar reviews

You may order Cuvana e cigars here:

Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars

royale e-cigar antoniovillardAntonio Villard makes fine e cigars for the finicky cigar smoker that wants the desire to vape instead of smoke. There are a few options as far as flavor and style go so you can choose which ones best fit your needs.

The Antonio Villárd Royale (pictured) e cigar is a rich and exquisite cigar experience that comes in a larger ring size and darker wrapper for that stronger look. The Royale is a blend of several tobacco flavors that is rich and bold.

The Cubana Premium Electronic Cigar comes in a smaller ring size that makes a milder with a really smooth taste. The Cubana comes fully charged and ready to use out of the box providing a premium cigar experience that is the equivalent of roughly 5-6 conventional cigars.

The Maracéllo rechargeable e cigar is shipped to you in luxury packaging with a ring size of 54, the Maracéllo comes with the cigar battery unit, plus 2 refill cartridges (which yield 6 to 8 cigars per cartridge) and the charging system. When the refill cartridges have been used up (they will taste dry or burnt), simply pop in a refill cartridge and puff away. This is very convenient as there is no need to mess with e liquids, just pop in a new pre-filled cartridge and your are ready vape.

The Antonio Villard Club Series comes in a variety of tasty flavors (Black Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Strawberry, Traditional Cigar, Watermelon). These mini e cigars are smaller in size and average around 200 puffs. Great for clubbing or sharing with a special lady friend.

Antonio Villard reviews:

Antonio Villard reviews

You may order Antonio Villard e cigars here:

Premium Ecigarette E Cigars

Vape Master Rechargeable E-Cigar KitThis rechargeable Vape Master e-cigar kit comes with the cigar body (which houses the battery) and a replaceable cartomizer (choose black label or red label cigar flavor) that allows you to enjoy the satisfying experience of a real cigar in vapor form.

This electronic cigar is meticulously designed to simulate the true texture and feel of an authentic leaf wrap cigar and this Vape Master has a simulated ash tip that glows red when you inhale. Pretty cool feature that adds to the realistic experience of smoking a cigar.

Live the ultimate cigar experience without the heavy smoke, messy ash or putrid smell. This e cigar kit includes one of their Red Label cartridges (mild sweetness) and a richly bold Cubanna Black Label (stronger robust flavor). Just attach the pre-filled flavor cartomizer to the e cigar body and vape like you would a real cigar.

Their kit includes:

  • 1 Cigar body with battery
  • 2 Cigar cartromizers 18 mg (Red Label, Black Label)
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 User’s manual

Kit comes with one of each flavor in 18mg nicotine. 0 mg cartridges are available for purchase.

Premium E Cigarette rechargeable e cigar kit reviews:

Vape Master Rechargeable E Cigar Kit Reviews

You may order Premium Ecigarette e cigars here:

SmokeTip Electronic Cigar

electronic cigar smoketipImagine enjoying the taste and sensation of your favorite tobacco cigar without all the smoke and stink!

SmokeTip’s disposable e-cigar gives you 1,000+ puffs (roughly equal to about 12 or more cigars) of great cigar flavor that can be vaped just about anywhere at anytime. Will last weeks or months depending on how much you use it.

Experience the relaxing feeling and taste of a genuine cigar without bothering those persnickety people around you. Choose between Cuban (bold full flavor) or Havana (sweet & mild). Both come in an 18mg nicotine level.

Instructions: Simply peel off the small green label at the top and middle of this e cigar and puff and vape your way to bliss. When this disposable electronic cigar no longer emits vapor, simply discard appropriately and buy another one.

You may order SmokeTip e cigars here:

Apollo Electronic Cigars

apollo e-cigarThis e cigar by Apollo is great for cigar enthusiasts or the occasional cigar smoker. It gives you that real cigar-like feel when vaping it.

The Apollo disposable e cigar features a 1300mah disposable battery that will last up to 1,500 puffs with an authentic Cuban cigar flavor. Comes in 18mg nicotine strength which has a nice bite and enhances the flavor of this electronic cigar.

Quick specs:

  • Size: 18.5×153 mm (0.75×6”)
  • Weight for single cigarette : 9g
  • Puffs: up to 1500 puffs
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Normal working voltage: 3.3-4.2V.

GET THE BULK PRICING DISCOUNT: BUY 5 E-Cigars and GET ONE FREE. Just add 6 E Cigars to your cart and the discount will automatically be applied to your order.

Apollo e cigar reviews:

apollo electronic cigar reviews

You may order Apollo e cigars here:

Prices vary between brands but not by much. A typical disposable e cigar is around $30 and the 10-pack is approx $250. The rechargeable/refillable e cigars cost a bit more as you might imagine becasue they come with more stuff like chargers and flavor cartridges, etc.

The Best Electronic Cigar?

This can be hard to answer because as the old saying goes, “taste is subjective”. What I find in flavor you may not and vice versa. You may prefer the disposable e cigar to the one you can recharge and re use with fresh e juices.

For the most part, consumers prefer the disposable e cigars for convenience and some have both as it has become a vapor cigar hobby of sorts.

Having said that, the best e cigar is the one that performs as it should, is reliable, and taste great. The brands mentioned in this post provide all that, so it’s up to you to decide which ones to try. The best electronic cigar for me personally? I like the Cuvana and Antonio Villard electronic cigars the most based on flavor profile alone.

Cheap E Cigars any Good?

This is something you should pay close attention too please… Cheap can mean inexpensive or low quality. For me the low quality or inferior e cigars are the ones sold at convenience stores or big consumer websites with no name brand attached as they are just China knockoffs with who-knows-whats inside.

I tend to stick with branded websites that sell nothing but vaping products whether it be e cigarettes or sub ohm vaporizers and include their own branded e cigar line. Most of these vaping websites offer plenty of incentives like free shipping and/or coupon codes for extra savings.

Inexpensive e cigars are generally around the $30 price point and compared to a tobacco cigar it is indeed a true savings as a real quality cigar can cost $10, $15, even $30 at cigar smoke shops and even though they are truly worth that price, it’s not for everyone.

Please do yourself a favor and get a quality electronic cigar from a trusted brand knowing the ingredients are true and the satisfaction will keep you coming back to them for more products in the future. They want your business, so they tend to sell higher quality products.

Why Vape an Electronic Cigar Instead of the Real Thing?

If you haven’t heard, vaping is quickly taking over smoking for veteran smokers as well as people who might pick up the smoking habit who now prefer to vape instead of smoke.

If you can enjoy the experience of smoking a cigar without the smoke would you?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the vaping community which are usually paid for by big tobacco companies because tobacco is big business! If you follow the stock market you know what I mean as tobacco stocks pay high dividends, etc . Oh, of course some big tobacco companies have started selling electronic cigarettes, but in my opinion and just about everyone else – their e cigs flat out suck and are made inferior on purpose to get you to switch back to tobacco smoking as that is where all the money is for them.

If you are new to vaping, I suggest you check out this link #NotBlowingSmoke as it will give you a lot of insight to vaping and the politics trying to manipulate it.

The E Cigar vs Tobacco Cigar

Even the best cigars have some serious competition with these electronic cigars that match the flavor and overall cigar smoking experience to the consumer. Sure you can get cigar flavored e juice and use it a sub ohm vaporizer but it’s just not the same, I like the feel a cigar between my fingers and the unique way of smoking a cigar swirling the favor around in my mouth before exhaling. With an e cigar I get THAT experience which is quite nice.

If you are an occasional cigar smoker than the electronic cigar may be a better option for you as you can puff on it whenever you get the urge and then just stick it in a drawer for the next time the desire to smoke a cigar hits you. With a real cigar you have to finish the whole thing or store it in a humidor to keep it fresh for next time, however it’s never the same as when you first lit it up as it loses it’s freshness rather quick.

Only true cigar aficionados know how to care for their cigars which can be a finicky hobby. So if you are not really that type of person than an e cigar is a better option. Sure you can smoke a tobacco cigar from time to time (hey, I do) but it’s usually on a special occasion.

As mentioned before, with an e cigar you are only emitting vapor and not smoke so the smell of it will not sink into your clothes or furniture like a tobacco cigars smoke would. Cigar smoke is way more potent than cigarette smoke and that smell is so hard to get rid of. I remember as a kid my grandfather used to smoke cigars in the house all the time and everything stunk like it too, my poor grandma just dealt with it.

Electronic Cigar Vaping Side Effects

There a re few things you need to realize when vaping electronic cigars or just vaping in general. Unlike a cigarette or cigar that burns down to show how much you have puffed and how much puffing you got left, an e cigar does not do that. Meaning you have to guess at your puff count and get to know when you have had enough and not over do it on the nicotine.

If you are already familiar with vaping, than it’s pretty easy to determine this. Time can get away from you as you are watching the game or jabbering on with friends. Pay attention to how much nicotine you are consuming… if you start to feel dizzy or light headed then take a break.

Since the flavoring in e cigars are made up of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (to produce the vapor) and flavoring which you may be sensitive to one or all of those ingredients. The only way to find out is to try it. For me personally, I prefer a higher VG as the PG makes me light headed. Each person is unique to this, so it really depends on how your body reacts to it.

With a high quality e cigar there should be no other ingredients other than PG, VG, flavoring, and nicotine. This is why I stress buying from trusted brands and they make certain to include quality ingredients in their electronic cigars.

Choosing the Best E Cigar

This comes down to personal choice really with regards to style and flavor for which may be most important to you. Some e cigar brands have different colored tips that light up when you take a puff and some e cigars are lighter to darker in color to look more like a real tobacco leaf.

Then there is flavor, if you have smoked cigars then you probably have an idea of what flavor you like and are curious to see how that flavor is in a vapor e cigar. Same goes for the desire to try new flavors for e-cigars of which you may like even more.

Choosing between a disposable or rechargeable is again up to you. If you have the time to fuss with the rechargeable e cigars then go for it, but if you are more of a busy type of person and just want to start puffing an e cigar right out of the box then get the disposable kind.

If you have never tried an e cigar or e cigarette for that matter than go with the disposable option first. If you like it, then there is a pretty good chance you will want to try many more brands and styles of e cigars and you just may find yourself a new hobby in vaping.

Vaping is the new smoke. I love it, many people who have switched from smoking love it so much they will never switch back to smoking ever!

Cigars are different though, made for leisure and relaxing rather than just a nasty habit. The electronic cigar offers you an option to enjoy a real cigar experience in place of a tobacco cigar where the smoke would cause an unwanted chill from an angry wife (just joking).

E cigars make great gifts for any occasion like a bachelor party, celebrations, birthdays, fathers day, holidays, etc. When you vape, don’t forget your friends. 😉