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Best Cheap E Cigarette Starter Kits

Who has the best cheap e cigarette? Actually there are a few great options for you as we will discuss here. Firstly, a cheap e cig does not mean it’s cheap on quality as we have picked out the best electronic cigarette brands with starter kits under the $50 price point for you to choose from. Everything you need to start vaping.

Because we are only focusing on the cheapest e cigarette starter kits under $50, please know that these brands do offer upgrades if you want to spend a little more. We also offer coupon codes on some of these e cig brands (located in the sidebar to your right >>), so remember to use them for a real bang for your buck cheap e cigarette savings.

All of these kits allow you to choose your nicotine strength from 0mg up to 24mg. Furthermore, all these cheap e cigarettes have e juice that is American made and lab tested for quality – only the good stuff featured here.

Best Cheap E Cigarette Starter Kits

Halo Cigs

G6 Starter Kit$44.99
Halo Cigs cheap e cigarette
This pen-style e cigarette kit comes with 2 battery choices (manual or automatic) and many battery colors to choose. Plus the Halo Cigs G6 starter kit comes with 5 flavor cartridges of your choice and a battery charger. A classic cheap e cigarette in superior quality.

Triton Tank Kit$49.95
Halo Cigs Triton Tank cheap e cigarette
For just $5 more, you can get the cheapest e cig tank system. Instead of cartridges you fill the provided tank with e liquid and the batteries have more power than the the G6 – which means more flavor and more vapor production. Plus Halo Cigs is offering a free 30ml bottle (a $19.99 value) of e liquid with every purchase of the Triton Tank kit. Halo Cigs premium smoke juice is top notch stuff! Try the Midnight Apple, Shamrock, and Tribeca.

For $10 more you can go “sub-ohm”! The new Halo Cigs Tracer starter kit is only $59.99 and comes with a free bottle of 30ml e juice (a $19.99 value). << This is the BEST cheap e cigarette value here.


VaporFi Express Starter Kit$29.99
vaporfi cheap e cigarette
This cheap e cigarette kit from Vaporfi comes with 2 batteries and the charger. A basic vaping system for newbies just switching from cigarettes.
Note: Pre-filled flavor cartridges are sold separately – $14.99 (5-pack), so if you pair those up the price comes to $44.98.

VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit$49.99
vaporfi pro 2 cheap e cigarette
A powerful vaporizer kit that comes with the 3.7 volt, 650 mah battery, the Pro – L 2 tank (1.5 ohm atomizer), plus 3 additional atomizers, and the charger. E liquid is sold separately at $15.99 for a 30ml bottle. On the plus side, Vaporfi has some of the best e liquid flavors around and allows you to custom blend pretty much whatever you want.

Not the cheapest e cigarette, but the Vaporfi company offers a lot of perks to it’s members with rewards and their “blend of the month” club which equates to more vapor savings down the road.

V2 Cigs

V2 Power-Cig Kit$24.95
V2 Cigs cheap e cigarette
Included in this kit is 1 V2 Power-Cig and a 5-pack of V2 Cigs classic flavor cartridges. Please be aware that this cheap e cigarette is a power-cig, meaning it needs to be connected to a power source (your computer via USB port) to work. But for just $24.95 it’s the cheapest e cigarette we spotlight.

V2 Cigs flavors are real nice, their red tobacco taste just like a Marlboro cigarette with throat hit and flavor matched perfectly. V2 Cigs cola and grape flavors are personal favorites of mine.

If you are new to vaping and always around your computer, this cheap e cigarette from V2 Cigs would be a great choice to get started and see if the vape life is for you.

South Beach Smoke

Deluxe Starter kit$39.99
cheap e cigarette from South Beach Smoke
The South Beach Smoke company was one the first electronic cigarette brands to hit the market and they are still going strong today. Their cheap e cigarette option is the Deluxe starter kit which comes with 2 batteries (1 short, 1 long), chargers, and 10 flavor cartridges (equal to about 14-16 packs of cigarettes).

A sleek design with a crystal glowing tip and flavorful nicotine cartridges makes South Beach Smoke a true vaping value. Very easy to use, just screw a flavor cartridge onto the battery and puff away. When the vapor starts to get weak or taste burnt, it’s time to replace the cartridge with a fresh one. All South Beach Smoke flavor cartridges come in sealed foil packs to retain flavor and freshness (as do most brands on this page).

Many flavors to choose from; tobacco, menthol, and gourmet flavors like orange mint and watermelon. As a hardcore vaper myself, I vape on my South Beach Smokes daily (pina colada) and still love these cheap e cigarette pen style e cigs.


Premiere Starter Pack$39.95
Cigavette cheap e cigarette
This cheap e cigarette starter kit from Cigavette is very cool. It comes in a real cigarette hard pack that houses the cigarette style pen battery, 2 flavor cartridges, and a USB charger. You can carry it around just like a regular pack of smokes… that’s damn cool folks.

Cigavette’s Premiere starter pack comes with an additional 5 pack of flavor cartridges. Tobacco and Menthol are the only flavors offered as Cigavette keeps these cheap e cigarettes simple and to the point.

Their menthol flavor is true to real cigarette flavor, similar to a Newport menthol cigarette imho. Great for those who are not interested in the sub ohm vaporizers and just want a “smoke”.


NJOY Recharge  – $29.99

The NJOY brand of electronic cigarettes have been around since the beginning and have evolved with the times with new and innovative vaping products at an affordable price. The owner of NJOY is quite vocal about keeping his distance from big tobacco companies and keeping NJOY an independent vaping company for the vapor community.

Talk about cheap vapes, the NJOY Recharge kit is under $30 and has many options (click their banner above to select) as far as style and flavor goes when buying an e cigarette starter kit.

I remember their 1st e cig, looked and tasted just like a real cigarette – kind of weird. But these new e cigarettes from NJOY blow out the older versions. Go check them out and try them, they have a lot to choose from. Also be aware that the NJOY website will not let you enter without providing an email address – clever marketing and a way to keep the youngsters away I suppose.

These hand picked brands offer the cheapest e cigarette options for you with value and quality in mind. Most vape shops in your local area are quite expensive and really do not offer the standard pen style e cigarette kit, just those big sub ohm vaporizers that are very expensive.

All these e cig brands mentioned here have great websites and online shopping is a breeze, some even offer free shipping. These are top rated companies with cheap e cigarette kits to get your started as they want your return business and excel at getting your order right and shipping your orders in a timely manner. Vape on… 😉

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