Halo E Cig Review

The Halo Cigs brand has been popular for years now because they offer solid products and their own line of e liquid that is insanely good! They keep it simple with 2 main choices of starter kits to choose from, the G6 and Triton. Halo Cigs also offers accessories like extra batteries and tanks as well as a full line of exclusive e juice.

Was scrolling the web one day and came across a PC Mag article that featured this electronic cigarette from the Halo E Cig brand. It got me so interested in them that I ended up placing an order for the G6 starter kit for myself and a special someone, so here is our review. [The “G6” is a cigarette like device that emits vapor electronically.]

G6 by Halo E Cig

halo e cig-g6-starter-kit

We first tried the Halo e cig about a year ago and to this day their products still perform prefect – which is why they are featured here. The 1st kit we bought was the G6 with 5 “Turkish Tobacco” flavor cartridges induced in the kit, very impressed from day one. the look and feel of this e cig was similar to my regular smoke but looked much cooler with it’s Demon red color and LED tip and the taste was much cleaner and eerily familiar to my Camel filtered cigarette.

Halo E Cig G6 Starter Kit:

  • 2 batteries (long, short, manual or automatic, color – you choose)
  • 5 flavor cartridges
  • 1 UBS charger
  • 1 Wall charger
  • Cool black case

There are other flavors to choose including menthol and gourmet, but I wanted to keep it familiar.

Decided to choose one automatic battery and one manual (you get to choose) and found I personally like the automatic one better as it feels more like a cigarette, while others prefer the manual one. the manual battery heats up faster but you cant just hold it in your mouth like an am doing now… yup, as I type this the Halo G6 is clinched between my lips so my hands are free to type and can take a drag at the same time.

If you want to try some e liquid, Halo also offers mini-tanks that replace the cartomizer for which you can fill with e juice. Also ordered are blank cartridges for which you can fill with whatever e liquids you want. They are cheap and work great.

G6 Performance

The Halo e cig G6 puts out decent vapor, similar to a cigarette, and the throat hit is about the same as a cigarette of equal nicotine. As far as flavor goes, the only thing missing is the burn and heavy smoke feeling associated with the combustion tobacco and paper – but I gotta say it’s pretty darn close! Best thing is your clothes will not reek of smoke and you may find (I did) that breathing becomes easier as the smoke is no longer present. The cartomizers and mini tanks both have a medium resistance draw.

Triton Tank by Halo E Cig


triton tank kit by halo cigs

Since the first impression was so good with the G6 from Halo E Cig, I decided to order their Triton kit, but this time in Demon Red color! My first two ejuices were Midnight Apple and Tribeca.

Halo E Cig Triton Starter Kit:

  • 400 mAh or 650 mAh manual battery
  • 3.7 volts
  • 2 Batteries Included
  • 2 Triton tanks (3.0 – 3.2 ohm coils)
  • Wall charger and USB charger
  • Cool black case

triton-twist-batteryShipping is fast with Halo E Cig and free if you reach a certain price pint, so while I was ordering from the website I also decided to add a blue Triton twist battery as an upgrade which allows you to adjust the voltage (3.3 to 4.8 volts) for taste and vapor, plus I ordered a few extra Triton tanks so I could keep several e liquids in their own tank for whenever I wanted to switch out between flavors.

The Halo E Cig Triton is impressive, similar to other eGo style batteries on the market but with it’s own unique touch like logo and silicon coating (think that’s what it is) that is colored and feels nice to the touch. They can last up to 300 charges and will cut you off if you try to inhale longer than 10 seconds as a safety feature.

However I found that taking the Triton out with me to work and wherever was getting to be challenging as I do not like to carry things and wanted something more like my old pack of cigarettes – so that is why I prefer the G6, it just slips into my pocket. I even rigged an old pack of cigarettes to house my new electronic cigarettes from Halo and other e cigarette brands of similar size.

This is one thing I wish Halo would come out with, a standard soft-style cigarette pack like carry case for us dudes that do not want to holster our vaping stuff or hang it around our necks as I think that looks silly.

Halo’s flavors taste really good! Strong flavor and throat hit – all mine were 12mg nicotine. The Turkish tobacco on the G6 cartridge is spot on with Camel, smooth with a slight sweetness and strong on tobacco flavor. Still can’t believe I vaping and not smoking here… Of course with smoke you taste more burning paper than you do tobacco because of the combustion process, but with vaping you taste the pure flavor which is incredible. For me, the desire of wanting a cigarette has virtually vanished, I’d rather vape instead. reminder, with the Triton kit you will need to purchase your own eliquid as it is not included – my recommendation is to get a variety pack.

Vaping the Triton while watching TV or sitting on my balcony had become habitual. the Midnight Apple e-liquid taste just like pipe tobacco and I just love it!

Triton Performance

Very clean taste. Vapor production is fantastic especially with the Twist battery. Battery lasts a long time and charges rather quick. It puts out more vapor than the G6 with the standard batteries, but the variable voltage “Twist” puts out a LOT more vapor and flavor – so I highly recommend you get a “twist” battery when ordering. The draw resistance on the Triton tanks are medium, not to tight nor loose.

New for 2015: Halo Cigs sub ohm starter kits! Come see what’s new.

E Liquids

Halo offers a good selection of e juice flavors (Purity) and has a variety of tobacco, menthol, and gourmet selections to choose from. They even offer sample packs which is very convenient. Unlike other e cigarette companies Halo only offers a select number of flavors and rarely comes out with new ones.


  • Must try Halo E Cig juices: Midnight tobacco, SubZero, and Shamrock

SubZero will fulfill any menthol lovers needs as it really packs a punch! Tried the Shamrock not expecting it to become my favorite, but it has… mint chocolate at it’s finest – other brands have not even come close (yeah, I’ve tried them) to being as good as Halo E Cig’s Shamrock.

2 sizes avaialble: 7ml or 30ml that come safety sealed and use child proof caps.

My favorite set up is the Halo E Cig Twist battery with a Triton tank. Vaping the Midnight Apple eliquid at 4.0 volts is perfect for my taste and the Tribeca gets cranked all the way up to 4.6. the Shamrock (chocolate mint) taste better on a lower setting around 3.9v.

About Halo Cigs

Editors choice for best e cigarette. That’s right, PC Magazine rated them #1 compared to other electronic cigarettes in the industry – not once, but 2 times.

All their premium e-liquid is American made and use a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin along with pharmaceutical grade nicotine and FDA approved ingredients. Reminder, their e liquid is NOT approved by the FDA (NO e liquid is), but the ingredients that go into Halo’s e-juice formula are approved by the FDA (flavorings, PG, VG, etc).

Earn Halo points – a reward program set up for all customers. They know you will be back to purchase more e juice and cartomizers so they want to make sure you enjoy yuor purchase more by offering “points” that you can accumulate and use towards future purchases.

We have been ordering from Halo E Cig for over a year without any problems. They ship fast and the products always arrive in perfect condition. One time I had a question about how to fill the Triton tank and the answered it immediately via their website chat.

They are highly recommended, in fact rated #1 on this website compared to the other e cig brands we review. If you would like to try them, please refer to our coupon code at the top of this page and save yourself 5% on your order. In fact, you are welcome to use our discount code whenever you re-order from Halo. Just bookmark this page and hit it again. 😉

Mind you, this is my personal Halo E Cig review so take my opinions as they are, just opinions. My goal is to help you understand the Halo Cigs products more and my experience with them as well as how the company is when it comes to using their website or customer service – which is very important to know as there are an abundance of e cig companies out there, some great and some crooks.

Is Halo E Cig worth the money? Yes, because they may be a few bucks more but you get piece of mind knowing you are getting getting a quality product and will arrive at your door in perfect condition – always have for me and will surely be the same for you.

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