Limitless Mod Review

* This post is for serious and experienced vaping enthusiasts.

limitless-mod-orange-sleeve limitless-mod

OK, so I’ll skip the basics of vaping and go right into it (if you are a beginner, you may not understand the terminology here). The new Limitless Mod by Vapor Hub has been hitting the vape market like a freight train with it’s popularity and there are  a lot of limitless mod reviews popping up online. What makes this mech mod so unique is:

  1. The ability to transform into a new looking mod by the uniquely styled “sleeves” avaialble that you can use – thus transforming the look of your Limitless Mod completely.
  2. The Limitless Mod hits like a monster due to it’s simple yet unique design!

Yes, many cloud competitions are being won using the LimitlessMod, just ask @budtat2 on Instagram – he is one of the top ranking cloud champions and he uses a Limitless Mod paired with a Tugboat, 454, or Mutation X RDA depending on the circumstances.

  • If you don’t want the fuss of building coils, check out the VaporFi sub ohm vaping devices where you can start blowing BIG clouds at a cheaper price.

Below is a video explaining how the Limitless Mod works and performs – the term “limitless” really rings true here folks. 😉

Main Features:

  • Made from 7071 grade aluminum, full copper, or brass
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
  • Adjustable delrin
  • Direct battery to atty connection for minimal voltage drop
  • Replaceable sleeves for a brand new look and feel (colors, styles, even zombie blood spatter)
  • Revolutionary 4 point button rail system
  • Affordable and hits fuckin HARD
  • One piece contact button
  • Optional upgrades for performance (hells yeah!)

Top Features:

  1. Direct To Atty for ultimate conductivity with venting holes
  2. Change the color of the mod by just changing the sleeve quick and easy – you have a brand new Mod
  3. An innovative rail system on the button and the button housing that makes ultimate contact for negative conductivity
  4. The Limitless button has the largest contact point on the market place

View the Limiteless mod shop here:

Also check out there selection of RDA’s and Batteries for this mod.

There is a thread on Reddit that talks about it’s performance, etc. If you are on social media (who isn’t these days?) then check out all the posts on Instagram using the #limitlessmod tag and you will quickly see this mod is NO joke – it’s real people enjoying the product with no BS.

Full power and smooth throw with no loss of conductivity – it’s what we all want and expect, right? I know it’s so frustrating when I put on a fresh sub-ohm build and it’s not hitting like the last one – even though it’s the same build – so I gotta start tearing shit apart to find the problem which almost always is conductivity, whether it be the battery contacts that came loose or gunk in the threads or something stupid like a crunchy ass button driving me nuts!

Is it cheap? Let me ask you this, how much would you be willing to spend on the best mod on the market? Of course is not in the “clone” price range but is comparable to other authentic mods out there with a lot more features and ways to amp up the performance to your liking. Think of the Limitless Mod as a hot rod, interchangeable to create a unique performance and give it a fresh look when you want it – plus you won’t find a mod that will hit harder than this.

They tend to sell out quick (the Limitless Mod Copper is always out of stock it seems – the best copper mod?), so if you see it avaialble on the site, grab it! If you are tired of “crunchy” buttons, poor conductivity, and worried about your mod shorting out, then you need the Limitless. It’s a cloud chasers dream…

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